Yurlov Pavel Managing partner, attorney

This year the Law Office Yurlov & Partners celebrated its 15th anniversary. The law office specializes in legal protection of business and is a recognized expert in this field, as evidenced by various awards of the Law Office and its lawyers. What achievements of the law office would you particularly highlight over these past years?

We are unlikely to differ in this matter from leading legal firms, because for any professional team the important achievements are satisfied clients, in the bar they are the Principals, who received legal assistance and achieved the desired result thanks to it. The lawyers of Yurlov & Partners helped their Principals to repel hostile takeover attempts, resolve corporate conflicts with partners, defend their interests in a dispute with the tax office or other state body, achieve fairness in an arbitration court in a dispute with counterparties under contracts in the framework of economic activities, whether it is a contract, delivery, services and so on.

The team of Yurlov & Partners is glad that its service to the protection of the interests of entrepreneurs was repeatedly noted by the awards of the Commissioner for Entrepreneurs’ Rights at the President of the Russian Federation.

It is important for us that we not only help our Principals, but also create projects for the uniting of the legal community that facilitate communication of colleagues with each other. Thus, Yurlov & Partners, with the support of the Moscow City Chamber of Advocates, has been conducting for three years running the intellectual competition Servus Legis for lawyers, attorneys and students of law institutions.

What are the cases when clients ask Yurlov & Partners for legal assistance?

– Yurlov & Partners is ready to help organizations with almost any legal issues that they face in their business activities. But most often Principals turn to us when an unscrupulous contractor does not want to pay and/or execute a contract, a competitor or government representatives «press» the business, «take away» assets – a plant, real estate or equipment; rights in the procedure of state purchases are violated or the Federal Antimonopoly Service (FAS) says that the company is a cartel; when they recognize the company as a bankrupt and/or apply secondary liability to the persons controlling the debtor – these are the main issues on which lawyers provide legal assistance.

– In what regions of Russia does Yurlov & Partners provide legal assistance to the clients?

– The lawyers of the office provide legal assistance throughout Russia and there are no restrictions on this. We provided assistance to clients in the Vladimir, Ivanovo, Irkutsk, Kaliningrad, Kaluga, Nizhny Novgorod, Ryazan, Sverdlovsk, Tver regions, Far East and Krasnodar regions, and in other regions of our country, but in general we provide legal assistance in the Moscow region.

– In what spheres will the control over business be strengthened by the state?

– I suppose that tax control will continue to be strengthened by the state (integration of ASK-VAT systems, online KKTs and markings to ensure market transparency), tax inspectorates will apply secondary responsibility to the debtor’s supervising persons even more actively, the FAS will strengthen control in the sphere of state procurement and combating cartel collusions, and the regulation, real estate and construction, intellectual property protection, bankruptcy and business crisis protection, criminal defense of entrepreneurs.

At the end of our interview, I would like to know if there is a mission of Yurlov & Partners and what are principles that guide the office follow in its work?

I would not like to quote the whole mission of the Law Office, so I will focus only on our principles, which are: Partnership, Decency and Professionalism. And that’s what we put into these principles.

Partnership. We build our work with clients and in the team of the Law Office on mutually beneficial partnership relations, sincerely caring about the business of the Principals and the people doing it, respecting and supporting them.

Decency. We keep our promises, we are honest and truthful in relation to the clients and to each other, and we ask all those with whom we interact to adhere to this principle.

Professionalism. Our knowledge and skills should always be greater than needed to successfully solve the tasks.

We are always ready to help the business.

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