Protection from forcible takeover (corporate raid) is rendering of a complex of legal and factual actions (legal help) by the Bureau’s advocates to the Client with the aim to ensure the professional protection of his business from invasions from the third parties (raiders) on his business with the aim to seize the company or to persuade its owner to sell the business for underselling price.

The raiders’ attacks are always cautious, fast and well-organized actions of people, which deal with it professionally. The raiders are always improving their take-over schemes, there are many of them and they are manifold. The more they pretend on, the more scrupulously they prepare. The target of the raiders’ attack could be anything: business, real estate, intellectual property. The course of events is so fast and unexpectedly to the business owners, that the in-house lawyers, which do not address these issues permanently, are not able to protect the business adequately, lose time and as a result the raiders takeover the business.

We deal with such problems on a permanent basis, thus an experience of countering to raiders, what allows rendering protection with outstanding result.

This area of practice is realized by two ways:

  1. Preventing the raid of the business (that includes legal due diligence of the company’s documentation, drafting of the plan of protection measures, which will ensure protection of your business from raiders and realization of these measures by the Bureau’s advocates;
  2. Repulsion of the attack of the Client’s business and reversion of the situation to a normal situation for him.

Even if you have lost time you have the chance to return you business anyways.

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