This practice area implies representing the Client’s interests before any instances of the Russian Arbitrazh courts and also in the commercial arbitrations (The International Commercial Arbitration Court at the RF Chamber of Commerce and Industry etc.)

Court trial is one of the components of business processes of any organizations which have to be used from time to time.

There is nothing complicated in the trial process, you have only to know what you are entitled to, to prove it in the court and to gain the correspondent result. Probably it could be made by any lawyer, but with different success likelihood ratio. But what ratio would you accept? Our ratio is 95 percent. As in any other profession the result is proportional to the experience and knowledge of the person, performing the work. The experience and knowledge is cumulated when you deal with the matter, and we are dealing with it permanently.

And what is the work of the Bureau’s advocate in the court trial?

During a rather shot period of time between definition of the problem by the Client and before filing the claim to the court the following activities are carried:

  • the analysis of the judicial perspective of the Client’s case is made, for that reason the case materials are studied, the possible actions of the adverse party and the other participants of the trial are thought ahead, the question on the countermeasures for blocking of such actions is decided, and also other activities for solving of this questions are held);
  • preparing the documents for bringing before the court (collection of the evidence needed, preparation of the court’s requests, preparation of the service documents (claim, complaints, responses and motions) depending on the stage of the trial.

And, lastly, the participation of an advocate in the court hearings, where during all of it a permanent work with all of its participants (adverse and third parties, experts, prosecutor etc). This work includes fast and timely reaction on the submissions of the participants of the trial, furnishing evidence and argumentation of the elaborated case position to the court.

As a rule a working group is created in Bureau to work on the Client’s case for the reason that the desired effect is reached professionally and timely.

Your expenses for paying of the advocate’s work under your case shall be collected from the debtor in the volume, established by the court. Recently a tendency was that the courts grant from 70 to 100 percents of the legal expenses, incurred by our Clients.

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