Support during bankruptcy procedure is rendering of a complex of legal and factual actions (legal help) by the Bureau’s advocates to the Client with the aim to ensure the professional control over the bankruptcy procedure.

For the business owners bankruptcy is the civilized way to liquidate the business under the control of the creditors, which facilitate the business to defecate from the debts and to turn over from a new leaf.

For the creditors of the insolvent organization, bankruptcy procedure is the way to return the amount of the debt under its control.

For the insolvency officer bankruptcy is a business. As in any other business its head should rely on the professionals of their practice.

The particular case in the bankruptcy is the legal support of the buying of the assets of the insolvent organization by the Client.

Unfortunately, in our state the bankruptcy procedures are carried not in the manner, desired by the participants of such process and therefore professional lawyer, who possess the experience of conducting of such cases and able to perform the challenge, set by the Client with the maximum effect, gains a very important role in such process.

The Bureau’s advocates poses an experience of conducting of the bankruptcy procedures at any side of this process, what make it able for them to render competent legal assistance, which shift expectations of our clients.

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