Return of debt is rendering of a complex of legal and factual actions (legal help) by the Bureau’s advocates to the Client to return him the debt and/or fines, resulting from agreements with his contractors, whether they are private or state-run companies or public bodies.

The situations, connected with the incurring of debt could be different, the motives for non-paying of the debt by the debtors could also differ. Our experience of returning of debts show, that the possibility to return the full amount of the debt is always, however it’s needed to take a decision on time, understand where and what could be taken from the debtor and to argue its position clearly before the court or other law-enforcement bodies.

To ensure the positive result we firstly analyze the documents, submitted by the Client, then collect and analyze the information on the debtor, its management and owners etc. After it the analysis of the perspective on collecting of the debt is made, which is conducted in several directions: judicial perspective and criminal persecution of the managers of the debtor, if there are grounds for it, the possibility of securing of the claim is evaluated etc. After that the plan of the debt collection is drafted, which shall be approved by the Client and realized by the Bureaus’ advocates.

It should be always taken into consideration that obtaining of the court’s decision on awarding the debt is not the most difficult task, if the documents, supporting the debt, were drafted correctly, it’s harder to receive the debt on your bank account. Therefore the quickness of the Client’s decision on collecting of the debt and the professional level of the advocates in preparing of the service documents are vital as never.

Your expenses for paying of the advocate’s work under your case shall be collected from the debtor in the volume, established by the court. Recently a tendency was that the courts grant from 70 to 100 percents of the legal expenses, incurred by our Clients.

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