Commercial real estate — this practice implies rendering of legal assistance in land and other commercial real estate transaction support, and also protection of the corresponding rights in the arbitrazh court from the claims of third parties.

The main directions of the legal assistance, rendered by the advocates of «Yurlov and Partners» in this practice area are:

  • Legal support of commercial real estate transactions, what includes: legal due diligence, drafting of legal opinion, which is professional opinion of the Bureau’s advocates on the legal grounds of the seller’s rights to the real estate object and the lawfulness of the upcoming transaction; contracts drafting (sell, purchase, lease, break-up fees, novation) and legal assistance of their signing.
  • Protection of the rights of the real estate owner from the endeavors of the third parties, what includes protection of the rights of the owners in all levels of arbitrazh courts in the cases on regarding of the transactions as void, on vindication and on recognition of the right to property. The particular case is the protection of the company’s real estate from illegal endeavors of the third parties (see «Protection from corporate raid»).
  • Registering of the legal right to land and other commercial real estate. It’s common in our practice, that the owners of the land and other real estate could not register their rights on it in the due procedure. It could happen under different reasons: the documents were lost, there were errors while purchasing etc. But the most wide-spread situation is when the organization possesses the right to real estate, provided by the law, but they could not realize it under the will of the state officials. The Bureau’s advocates are ready to solve such problem, in the court procedure.
  • Support of the developer projects, which includes: legal due diligence, drafting of a legal opinion; support of the transactions of acquiring of the land for realization of the project; drafting of the legal scheme for ensuring of the effective realization of the project and interaction of the participants, including drafting of all necessary documents (contract for design and survey work, construction contract).
  • Tax optimization and increasing of the effectiveness of the object’s usage, what includes: drafting of an efficient tax scheme of the sell, purchase or usage of the land or other real estate; drafting of legal scheme and its realization on the question of changing of the permitted use of the land or usage of it solely for specific purpose with the aim to use it with the maximum economic effectiveness for the Client.

The Bureau’s advocates possess huge professional experience in the sphere of supporting of the land transactions and other commercial real estate, what allows our Clients to fill fully secure while committing such transactions, not to worry about the future of the investments and to make correct actions of profitable usage of the property.

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